Telegram has released a new version that comes with new features. Telegram v4.6 brings a new feature that lets you choose auto download options with granular precision (find the new options in Settings > Data & Storage).

For instance, you can set it to always download media files on a particular friend on data or wifi connection but only auto-download media from groups when you’re on WiFi alone. 

iPhone and Mac users are not left out as there is now a new option to swipe left on any message to quickly reply to it. Meanwhile, all users will start enjoying support for albums to Secret chats, full support for MTProto 2.0, and the option to only use p2p in calls with contacts (see Settings > Privacy & Security).
Another interesting addition is the link previews for Instagram posts and tweets with multiple photos which now displays all the media as an album in the latest version. 

✔️ New granular settings for auto-downloading media.
✔️ Link previews for Instagram posts and tweets with multiple photos will now show all the media as an album.
✔️ Embeddable HTML-widget for messages in public channels and groups (available when viewing links to messages in web-browsers).
✔️ Added support for albums to Secret Chats.
✔️ Added full support for MTProto 2.0
Added option to only use p2p in calls with contacts (Privacy & Security Settings).
✔️ An embeddable HTML-widget is now available for all messages in public groups and channels. You can see it when you open links to such messages in your browser – try this with
Below the widget is a button that reveals the code to embed it on any website. Bloggers quoting Telegram channel posts in their articles are going to love this.


Finally, a newly discovered unlimited free browsing cheat is here again and it's for 9mobile users. This new free browsing cheat works with Yoga VPN. This VPN offers many features such as unblock anonymous browsing,protect privacy, security agent, WiFi hotspot shield, fast and stable.

In this post, I will be showing you guys how to browse and download unlimited on your 9mobile SIM using the Yoga VPN app. This app gives you points that allows you to browse with it, you can also earn more points by sharing your unique id which is also your Yoga VPN Invitation Code.

The app doesn't throttle the speed which is a good thing to begin with and the speed depends on your location.
Features of YOGA VPN
>> Free, unlimited & simple
>> No registration required
>> Unblock social networks websites or apps, such as: Line, WeChat, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp etc
>> Keeps you anonymous
>> Fast and stable

How to use the 9mobile Free Browsing Cheat with Yoga VPN

>> Download Yoga VPN from this LINK.
>> Launch the app and click on " Points " tab.
>> Scroll to the bottom, click enter codes and input cyeb8 to get +9000 points.
>> After that, click on More tab, select Proxy Settings and enable Per- APP Proxy.
>> That's all guys. Very simple and straightforward.
Note :
>> You must have a little subscription or airtime on your sim to connect at first.
>> Yoga VPN will disconnect immediately you run out of point but the good thing is that there are different ways of getting more points.

How to get More Yoga Points
>> You get more points when you share your unique id or your Yoga VPN Invitation Code.
>> Yoga VPN also gives you free 200 points every day which is called Daily Check-in.
>> You also get more points when you watch the available videos.

If you are very familiar with Samsung then you know the company doesn't mention which of its devices are going to be updated to a new major Android version but it always tries to give at least one year of major update or 2 years for the flagships.
A list has just surfaced on China's Weibo social network and it contains the full names of Samsung phones that will supposedly receive the android 8.0 Oreo update. The list was actually leaked by a  well-known Samsung analyst and leaker (ice universe).

Going by the list, all Samsung galaxy S6 variants which includes the  Galaxy S6, S6 edge and S6 edge+ will receive the upcoming Oreo update. Most of Samsung's 2017 A series smartphones and also many Samsung tablets will receive the update too.
Although there is no official date or timetable for Samsung's Oreo update yet but we expect it to start rolling out by first quarter of 2017.
Unfortunately, all the available free browsing tweaks like the unlimited Glo NO free browsing cheat and the Etisalat 60mb daily cheat have all been blocked. The good is that data plans are now more affordable than they used to be such as the new Glo Unfair Advantage Data Plans or the newCheaper Airtel Data Plans.

If you still think the available data bundles are too expensive or Glo network is bad in your area, then you can subscribe for the Airtel social bundle plan. The only problem with this plan is that it won't let you download large files as it is capped at 15mb, but I will be teaching you how to bypass that. In this post, I will be showing you an easy and straightforward method on how to download large files with the airtel 15mb social bundle 2017. 

Below is the detailed steps and instructions.

How To Download Large Files (Above 15MB) With Airtel Social Bundle Data Plan
>> First, subscribe for the Airtel operamini social bundle by Dialing *668*1#.
>> After that, Download and install operamini 7.5 from this LINK.
>> Launch the app, scroll down and hit save. (Don't set anything).
>> Head over to the file you want to download, then press and hold the download link. Select open in a new tab (make sure you don't visit the newly created tab).
>> After that, quickly click on the reload button and wait for your current tab to reload.
>> While the current tab is reloading, the newly opened tab will likely pop-up your download option which is either save or cancel. (Don't select any option until the current page finish loading).
>> Once the current page finish loading, just click on the save option and wait while your file downloads.

That's all guys.

If you have any question to ask, feel free to drop it in the comment section below, also don't forget to kindly share this post on your various social media platforms.

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When talking of recharges platform, E-Top Up is a most convenient, stress-free and hassle-free, it is the best means for you to buy right from your phone at the comfort of your home as soon as your data or airtime exhaust. If you are still buying recharge cards at physical stores, that means, you are just stressing yourself for no reason.

There are many online channels that we have been using for long to purchase airtime, when zoto mobile app came on board, most of you guys like it because of their cash rewarding, but it seems Zoto is now relent in giving us attractive bonuses, because they have reached many miles within a short period of time with enough customers. For those who are looking for alternative, here is a brand new app called (TopUp Africa).

TopUp Africa offers multiple services under one roof using several payment channels to choose from. Convenience for end users, stable earnings and attractive bonuses for agents and cost-efficiency for Service Providers. With TopUp Africa EVERYONE wins! 

TopUp Africa gives you 24/7 access to a variety of services, such as Airtime of all Networks in Nigeria, Electricity Bills Payment, Pay-Tv and Internet Subscriptions, etc. as well as fund transfer to all bank accounts in Nigeria. You can pay for any of these services with just a click and interestingly, you are rewarded with instant CASHBACK!

TopUp Africa helps you to start your own business with minimal capital by allowing you to retail services such as Airtime of all Networks in Nigeria, Electricity (Prepaid/Postpaid), Pay-Tv and Internet Subscriptions, etc. It is a one-stop-shop for wide spectrum of services and your mobile phone is your shop!


  •  Referral Bonus
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  •  Payment History of all Transactions
  •  Group Payment (on the web)
  •  Instant credit using debit card
  •  Account Manager
To Get The App
  1. Download top up Africa Here
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  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to use it for any transaction you want to make. 
  4. You will get cash bonuses whenever you topup your airtime, pay bills, and so on via the app. You will also get bonuses on referrals. 
To Get Your Referral Link
Simply click on SHARE AND EARN. Then share to Facebook, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp or any other place of your choice.

You can use your earnings to subscribe for data plans, pay bills and so on.

TopUp Africa is easy, convenient, fast and rewarding.

We all know that iphone x isn't yet  in the market, iFixit  disassemble always to show us the interior of the flagship devices that comes to the market, for us to Know all its secrets. However, now it has recently, disassembled the device to show us all the secrets hidden in the iPhone X. And there are several things you know and Surprises...

The iFixit disassemblies always show us the interior of the flagship devices that arrive at the market to show all its secrets. With the disposal of the new flagship device of Apple, the medium has disassembled the device to know all the secrets hidden inside the iPhone X. And there are several surprises.

The disassembly of the iPhone X that just made the guys of iFixit reveals how the tech giant Apple has completely changed the insides of the phone, discovering new ways to include more features within its slim body.

The first surprise we have when we  find two batteries cells in the iPhone X for the first time in a phone of the Cupertino. The combined battery has a capacity of 2716 mAh, a little bigger than the battery found in the iPhone 8 Plus and its 2691 mAh.

iFixit says that the dual-cell battery design of the iPhone X is more about saving space than changing battery capacity. This design allows using “creative shapes and locations” so that Apple can take better advantage of the space left over.

Despite this system, you can not expect miracles in the battery of the iPhone X, because as in other models of the brand will not last more than a day. When analyzing other components it is observed that the motherboard is 70 percent of the size of the iPhone 8 Plus. Again this is also the first board with the double battery in an iPhone.

Other details of the interior of the iPhone X

The disassembly of the iPhone X by iFixit also reveals the sensors that make up Face ID, the new form of identification that replaces Touch ID on the iPhone X. A fill light is embedded on the screen, which projects infrared light on the face of the user. The front camera then confirms the face and an IR point projector on the far right side of the device projects a matrix of points on the face, creating a 3D map. Finally, the IR camera located on the left of the screen verifies that map and sends the corresponding data to the iPhone X.

iFixit notes that the screen and battery repairs remain a priority in the design of the phone and that a vintage screen can be replaced without removing any of the biometric components of Face ID. Of course, the team warns that, if the rear glass is broken, it will be necessary to disassemble all the components and replace the entire chassis”.

Is it easy to repair?

The iPhone X has a repair index of 6 out of 10, being more difficult to fix than other large phones such as Google Pixel XL got 7. The other flagship of Apple, the iPhone 8, also obtained 6. Among the positive points stands out the ease of changing the screen and battery, while in the most negative aspect we have the presence of some elements to waterproof the iPhone X that complicate certain repairs, at the cost of protecting the device from water.

So, what's your saying about this? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.

Nothing infuriates android users than when thier device is hanging, tho there might be many reasons behind it, for example phones with low ram and low processor are vulnerable to consistent hanging. But worrry less cus we have some Tips that'll help you to Optimize Android Device And Make It Faster

One good thing about Andoid phones is that, you're allowed to install any kind of apps without limitations and also uninstall them if you don't find them pleasing, but what happens after every app Uninstalling, some files are left behind and this files are called junks and when they store inside our phones, we'll start to observe hanging and overheating, that's why we've decided to share this tips with you just incase your android hangs. Follow the article below to know more about this.

How To Optimize  Android Device And Make It Faster

This tips are cool and it involves some common things we all know about and also apps which we will recommend for you to install in order to optimize speed on your android device.

1. Updating Device On Every Update Notification

I don't joke with phone updates because I know how helpful it is, updating our phones is very helpful bevaus every updates comes with ram improvement and this tends to give our phone more speed. You can go toSettings>About Device> Software Update to check for any update. If you find any pending update, then make sure you updates​ your device but if your android is rooted, don't bother doing this.

2. Emptying Home Screen

Things like live wallpapers and 3D themes consumes a lot of memory, tho they make our androids layout beautiful but at the same time they cause our device to hang, so it's advisible have an empty home screen with no live wallpapers or themes

3. Using Cleaners

Some cleaning apps are out there to help you optimize your phone speed, tho not all this cleaners work according to how they're described but there're some good ones which I've listed below and you can download them by visiting the Google Play Store, AVG cleaner, Clean Master And Sd Maid are best recommended to help you speed up your Android device

4. Uninstalling And Disabling Unused Apps

Sometimes having used apps on ones phone may add more to slowing down the speed, it's advisible to downlaod only the apps you know use often,  having 100 apps doesn't qualify you to an android user, So to uninstall any app Go toSettings>Apps>Uninstall and uninstall any apps you're nt using

5. Uninstall Bloatwares

Bloatwares are major concern for Andoid phones below 2gb ram, because they'll only add me to the problems and they can't be removed unless the Android device has been rooted, if you have Bloatwares on your android device, then you need to root it in order to get access to uninstalling Bloatwares.

6. Disabling Auto Sync

One Unnoticed problem android users never got an idea about, unlike any other phones, Android gives us an edge in terms of having multiple emails in one place but what happens when we have too much emails on our phone, it becomes hot and speed deduction occurs, And this happens because we've enabled auto sync, so always make sure to disable auto sync.

7. Factory Reset

Not quite the pleasing type but this can only be carried out if the above methods failed to work or if the hanging becomes critical, factory reset is the perfect solution to all your problems when it comes to hanging of Android device. But always keep note to backup all your files and numbers before carrying out this process.

So that's all on how to Optimize Android Device And Make It Faster, this tips are very helpful and works perfectly but if nothing changes after carrying out all the above steps, you'll need to reload your android Os because it might be corrupted, Is This Article helpful?? If yes then kindly Drop a comment and also share with friends to keep them updated.